Tomorrow’s solution available today!

Tomorrow’s solution available today!

Support systems for schools that are constantly developing.

IST Application for administration has been developed to meet the challenges facing modern schools – both now and in the future. With IST Applications for administration you gain access to a range of tools that help you to work smarter and with greater efficiency and also simplify communication and interaction between different roles and systems to be found in your school.

IST Applications for Childcare

IST Applications for Childcare makes overall administration and daily operations easier, more efficient and ensures that rules and procedures are followed. Minimizing the time spent on paperwork and maximizing the time available for children and their needs. 


IST Applications for School

Facilitates, makes management and planning more effective and ensures that rules and procedures are followed. Simplifies everyday life for teachers and principals / headmasters freeing more time to focus on students and their needs. IST Applications provides a good and important support for the educational process and learning. 


Hilde Benno Vaage

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